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Construction of france’s largest warehouse by IDEC: stage 1

IDEC, a leader in the design and construction of logistics platforms and all sorts of business projects is working with IDI GAZELEY and ARGAN on the construction of France’s largest logistics warehouse for CONFORAMA in Tournan en Brie (Seine et Marne). Time to take a look at the first stage of construction after a month of work.

Work began on France’s largest logistics warehouse in early October near Paris. This exceptional project involves teams from IDEC, who are busy developing this project. A month after work began, half of the bulldozing has been done thanks to all the building workers preparing the foundations for this 180,000m² warehouse.

Earth-moving machinery moving up and down

The first stage of the work on CONFORAMA’s future logistics platform is focusing on the important preparation that is necessary to get the building work started. Around thirty earth-moving vehicles are preparing the ground, shifting at a steady pace 10,000m3 of earth a day. Dumpers, bulldozers, spreaders, mixers and other vehicles are moving up and down to level the 33 hectare site, which will be home to this warehouse.

Earth-moving stages

This preparatory phase began with shifting the topsoil, followed by the bulldozing of 100,000 m3. This work involves moving the earth from one part of the site to another to ensure the ground is well prepared. That is followed by lime being added to the earth. This is required to reduce the quantity of water in the grou

The IDEC teams then supervise the compacting of the earth with the mixture made in the previous stage. The number of times the machinery goes over this ground is determined in the study phase depending on the composition of the soil and various calculations carried out before the building work can begin. A grader fitted with GPS beacons carries out work to ensure the ground is level (plus or minus 1 centimetre) over the whole surface of the plot. The final operation involves adding a layer of gravels, which is essential to ensure that the platform can support the new building that is to be erected.nd and to make it that much stronger. 1 to 2% of lime is mixed in with the earth depending on its composition. Cement is also injected into the mix at a density of 4 to 6%, and this is turned over to a depth of 40 centimetres.

Test slabs

To ensure that this earth preparation phase is done correctly, IDEC carries out tests with slabs to check the quality of the platform. They are aimed at checking the solidity of the earth with a 60cm in diameter slab which must be able to support the axle of a loaded work truck without any movement.

We met up with Jean-Eudes, IDEC’s project leader

The unique character of this project requires a lot of work by the men and women involved to ensure its success. Jean-Eudes, IDEC’s project leader explains his role in this exceptional construction project. “My work is essentially divided up between managing the work team in charge of this project and monitoring the progress for the client. I am in charge of a team of ten people who work full time on this logistics warehouse construction project, from the Works Manager to the designer and including the health and safety officer and the assistant. I am there to ensure that IDEC’s methods are respected, including safety rules and quality control. I am also in charge of looking after the budget and respecting the deadlines. At the same time, I am available for our client to ensure they are completely satisfied with the construction of the project and to work on any improvements to satisfy his requirements.”

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