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IDEC has just obtained exceptional environmental standard certification for the OCP distribution site built by its teams in Baule (Loiret). This latest project underlines the ability of IDEC to work alongside its clients on environmentally responsible projects with more than 1.1 million m² certified so far in all of its operations.

Built in just nine months, the new distribution platform built in Baule represents another stage in the development of OCP. This project, the biggest in Europe for this leading player in the supply of medicines, will transform the distribution model for medicines and cut interruptions in distribution to practically zero. Apart from a highly technical process, this 48,000m² project stands out with its sustainable approach from the construction to the use of the building.

Exceptional environmental standard

This new distribution site built by the IDEC teams has just obtained exceptional environmental standard certification. This rewards the work done to satisfy the fourteen targets, which determine the performance level of a building. The green building and green management criteria in addition to the need for comfortable conditions and the consideration of the impact on the health of the users are all taken into account. The OCP building obtained three out of a possible four stars for the energy criteria, 4 stars for environmental impact and three stars for health and comfort.

A sustainable building

This building included a wide range of solutions to try to reduce the environmental footprint. There is therefore full LED lighting in every area, leading to energy savings. A set of photovoltaic solar panels is currently being fitted by IDEC, as a shelter over 100 parking places. This should offer an annual production capacity, which is sufficient to supply the requirements of the 1500 m² of offices included in the building.

At the same time, water savings reach 40% thanks to low pressure flows and the recovery of rainwater to supply the toilets and to water the green areas. The latter also benefit from the attention to biodiversity, including flower rich meadows and shelters for birds and bats.

Staff welfare and safety

The users of this pharmaceutical distribution unit will be able to take advantage of a building designed and built to favour their comfort and safety in the workplace. A large footbridge, as well as being one of the main design features of the project, enables staff to avoid trucks and to access their workplace in complete safety. The work areas benefit from a lot of exposure to natural light thanks to large windows. The wooden framework also contributes to the warmer atmosphere, while limiting the environmental footprint in comparison to a traditional concrete structure.

Intelligent and online energy monitoring

The OCP building benefits from an energy monitoring system with online management. This innovative solution enables the teams in IDEC’s environmental unit to work alongside OCP to control electricity consumption in the building. It is for example possible to detect any anomalies with the lighting, air treatment or any other major consumer of electricity as they happen. This information can be analysed and solutions proposed to improve the situation. IDEC carries out this service at the same time as maintaining the building for a year.

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