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IDEC hands over a 28,000 m² delivery service to PROLOGIS in Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais)

IDEC, leader in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving logistics, industrial and service sector properties, has just handed over the keys to a new project to PROLOGIS. It took eleven months of work to build this 28,000 m² delivery service, which is now home to the LA POSTE Group.

A 28,000 m² delivery service

PROLOGIS, one of the major players specialising in the development of logistics projects, once again relied on IDEC to build a 28,000 m² delivery service in Douvrin on behalf of the LA POSTE Group. This project, which stretches out over a length of 350 metres includes 135 loading bays and a main hall for sorting the mail with a single machine working on two floors. A 2500 m² office block for the support services is also being built in this huge project. Construction work began in June 2018 with the earth shifted early in the month. The site is due to be up and running for the LA POSTE Group after the summer holidays.

11 months of work

It took the IDEC work teams eleven months of work to erect this project. The design was facilitated by the use of BIM allowing the equipment to be perfectly placed, as it was the key feature in this project. This way of working using a digital model is applied to all of the projects dealt with by IDEC. It makes the building work easier and that is particularly the case when there are various phases involved. In this case, particular attention to this aspect was necessary because part of the project was made available four months in advance to allow the time-consuming installation of the equipment in the main unit.

Aiming for excellent level BREEAM certification

Thanks to their expertise in the construction of sustainable buildings (already more than 1.5 million m² of property has been certified), IDEC worked to meet the demands of PROLOGIS to offer the future occupant a ‘virtuous’ building. Thanks to some innovative solutions and the application of concrete measures such as optimising the use of space, the selection of sustainable materials and the installation of solar panels to produce hot water, IDEC is aiming for Excellent level BREEAM certification with this project.

Another successful collaboration between PROLOGIS and IDEC

The handover of this latest logistics project by IDEC to PROLOGIS is the latest in a long line of joint projects. The two logistics property specialists, the development phase for PROLOGIS and the design and construction for IDEC, have successfully completed this project together after the keys to several other large scale projects were handed over, such as two warehouses in Moissy-Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne) covering 56,000 m² which is now home to CULTURA (delivered in 2018) and 70,000 m² which houses the sales outlet, ACTION (delivered in 2017).

Trust IDEC with your sustainable and certified property projects

Like PROLOGIS, you too can rely on IDEC to design, build and take care of the maintenance of your property projects: logistics, service sector and industrial premises. Its teams of designers and builders will work with you throughout every stage of your project with a turnkey solution guaranteeing a commitment to deadlines, price and quality. From extensions measuring a few hundred square metres to the construction of new projects measuring between 5000 and 200,000 m², IDEC is there to satisfy all your requirements.

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