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IDEC, leader in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving logistics, industrial and service sector properties, recently gave a presentation of its work to students at the Gaudier-Brzeska School in Orléans. This meeting took place in front of around a hundred teachers and students and enabled them to discover the BIM application and showed how it is used to design and build property projects.

Meeting between students from the Gaudier-Brzeska School and IDEC

The IDEC teams went to see students studying construction work at the Gaudier-Brzeska School in Orléans. This course prepares them for their future jobs as technicians in the design team or as building work managers. This half-day session mainly given over to a presentation of BIM enabled the students attending this presentation to discover the close links between what they study in the classroom and its application by BIM experts during IDEC projects.

The BIM application at IDEC

IDEC works with BIM to work alongside its clients on the construction of their projects. From the birth of a project, the designers rely on this work method using 3D models to come up with the project which best satisfies the needs of the future occupants, but also to study the technical aspects to bring together all the different types of work being done and anticipate any problems that may occur. During the construction phase, site managers and the engineers at IDEC are routinely helped by this digital modelling to coordinate the work done by the various firms involved. Finally, when the building is up and running, BIM makes it easier to maintain the building as it brings all the technical data together with information about all the equipment.

Meeting with Lionel, student in building work at the Gaudier-Brzeska School in Orléans

Did you know about the IDEC Group before?

“I didn’t know the IDEC Group. The way it is organised with its various units (Engineering, Development and Investment), covers a wide range of activities. We can look ahead to working in a number of these jobs thanks to our training, in particular with BIM. Today’s meeting enabled us to see all the different jobs and to imagine what it will be like professionally in the future for us.”

What is the link between the theory and practice in your building studies?

“Our course aims to bring together the practical and theoretical aspects. Today’s presentation by IDEC made this link all the more real showing us what we have seen in our classes on BIM and its application in the real world. We establish school projects using this method, which match what happens in a firm like IDEC.”

What do you think about this type of talk?

“As a student, this presentation is important, as it allows us to discover a new firm and in this case a Group. We are lucky to be able to meet professionals, who are willing to present their work giving us a clear vision. Personally, I found it very interesting and I’m sure that was what everyone else felt too.”

A final word about the meeting with the teams from IDEC

“This meeting has encouraged me to apply to IDEC at the end of my course. I could see how BIM was key to the work in this firm, but I also noted the importance given to youngsters in the company, in particular with the trust you show them.”

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